Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast with Wheat Cereals for Children

Breakfast is highly recommended for everyone, including children. Preparing a healthy breakfast for children is important to support growth and achievement. Of the various types of children's breakfast choices, serving wheat cereal is often recommended because it is healthy, rich in nutrition, and easy to serve. Child nutrition experts say, breakfast can support brain function. A healthy breakfast can improve concentration, attention and memory when receiving lessons. In addition, children who eat breakfast will be more physically active and help maintain the child's ideal body weight. What are the Nutrition Needs of Children Every Day? In general, the nutritional needs of children have the same principles as adults, namely the need for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It's just that the level of nutritional needs vary according to age and gender. In addition, make sure the sugar intake given to your child, the amount is sufficient as a source of
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